Get in the damn robot

Time for bed. I ain’t tired thanks to that 2 liter of soda I chugged at work…But I gotta try anyhow. I’m chancing my laptop exploding from the heat it’s giving off. 


Transformers Armada/Micron Legend - Sideways/Doubleface

How to improve anime
  1. SAO? More like Road Rash Online
  2. Attack on Titan? More like Attack on Road Rash
  3. Robotics Notes? Road Notes 
  4. Kill la Kill? Road La Rash
  5. NGE? Neon Genesis Road Rash

I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with Road Rash.

My laptop is overheating…I probably should give it a rest XP

Enzer0 - Vermont
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Like for real. I want an anime based off of Road Rash. Keep all the characters you race against, and like, make it uber violent and give the protag a legit reason to race. Like needing the money cuz his sister is blind or has cancer or something. 

With this year’s anime season being stale as shit, why not do what Hollywood does and take ideas from vidya. God knows it’d be better than MOST vidya movies (cough cough Doom)

DOOM the anime would be awesome but it’d have to be done by someone who can do monster designs well

Lord knows don’t let CLAMP touch that shit.

Yeah, last thing we need is yaoi fangirls touching it. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong I loved Chobits and some of their other work, but they can’t storytell worth a shit (cough cough the X movie). But I highly doubt they’d even consider designing a Doom anime. 

Let alone Japan making one at all. FPS titles aren’t exactly popular in Japan.

I’m stuck on Road Rash….This tends to happen when I am sleep deprived.

Pffffft, like it’s a bad thing.

Yukari is best Vocaloid. I bet she’d play Road Rash.

Yukari is best Vocaloid. I bet she’d play Road Rash.