Get in the damn robot

何度だって by 古町 on pixiv


何度だって by 古町 on pixiv



Man in Korea marries an Akemi Homura dakimakura pillow


So you CAN marry your waifus. TAKE THAT MOM!

I cleaned my closet out yesterday. I found my Mando gear that needs to be finished and a half eaten dead body. So that’s where my snack from last week went.

There’s a joke in here somewhere…

"I’ll tell you a joke about Ebola, but you probably won’t get it."


SEELE 01: repeat after me, I want to watch foursome with Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Kaworu, now say it three times and give a twirls.

….I have no eyes.

'oh AOT's the best anime eveer!!!!! because it has super strong female characters and shit!!!!' a fucking weaboo idiot says. Meanwhile, Haman Karn laughs, because /fuck/ /attack/ /on/ /titan/, go watch Zeta Gundam instead.

Well spoken friend. They got the idea of “strong” wrong too. Mikasa is just a damn Ayanami clone, Hanji’s the “otaku” archetype, and Annie was just a plain bitch. And there were no motivations for any one, and when the only likable character does nothing but eat potatoes and make fart jokes then something’s wrong. Our Regent laughs att AoT, as well as Four, Lalah, Marida, Cecilly, and Kycillia and Sayla. They all laugh.